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Tigers amidst Culture in India

India is a mega-diversity country, among the top ten nations, endowed with the world’s richest biodiversity. It represents about 7% of the world’s flora and 6.5% of the world’s fauna, recording 614 species of amphibians and reptiles, 1,225 species of birds, and 350 species of mammals. Of these, 173 species of mammals, 78 species of birds and 15 species of reptiles are considered threatened.

There are more than 700 National Parks and Sanctuaries in India. The Tiger Conservation was initiated in 1973-74, thanks to an international pressure generated, the Tiger has been conserved. It is possible to see several Tigers in the wild and photograph them through open-jeep safaris.  Couple of hundred species of birds add to our wilderness experience on such a tour, with opportunities to admire India’s culture as well.

01 Day. New Delhi
An executive meets us at the airport and we receive our welcome pack. Transfer to a nice hotel. Overnight (hoping to reach late in evening).

02 Day. New Delhi/Train/Agra  
After breakfast, transfer to station to board a/c train (we decide which one in morning), the driver assists. Reach Agra (2.5 hrs journey). The driver meets us at station and transfers to a nice hotel.  At ease we visit the Red Fort and like to spend the afternoon at the Taj Mahal to observe changing colours over its dome. Some interesting birds await us in its rectangular garden and the Yamuna River behind. Return. Overnight.

03 Day. Agra/Chambal/Bharatpur
We drive (1 hr.) to the Chambal River for a boat ride to observe the wish-list species: Indian Skimmer over mud-flats and flying at short distance. About 50 species are all around. Gavial, Marsh Crocodile and Tortoises present spectacular views here. Lunch. Visit Talab-i-Shahi lake to observe numerous water birds, Sarus Crane too. Drive (1.5 hrs) and reach Bharatpur in evening to stay at Forest Lodge located inside Keoladeo National Park, water has reached this season. Overnight.

04 – 05 Days. Bharatpur.
Assisted by a knowledgeable bird guide and using cycle rickshaw, we explore birds in Keoladeo National Park. It is 29 sq. km area, of which about 9 sq. km is wetland. We can walk all over, no restrictions here. We will be in rickshaw up to the tri-junction point after that will be walking. Water birds and land birds will be on either side of roads. We will try to locate pythons as well. Walking around lodge at night is possible and our guide will try to locate a few nocturnal species. Overnight.

06 Day. Bharatpur/Sawai Madhopur
It will be our last day at this bird park and we try to find out more birds in forenoon. After lunch, transfer (10 min) to station to board a/c train at 3.30 pm, the guide to assist. Reach Sawai Madhopur by 6.30 pm. Transfer (5 min.) to a nice resort. Overnight.

07 – 09 Days. Sawai Madhopur
We will have morning (6 – 10 am) and afternoon (3 – 6 pm) jeep safaris in this reputed tiger park to be face to face with variety of wild animals: Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Bluebull, Wild Boar, Indian Gazelle, Crocodile, numerous birds all around besides Sloth Bear, Leopard and Tigers. Alarm calls of deer and monkies will convey where about of tigers, possibilities of observing a tigress with cubs.  We will drive over different tracks and pass by a few lakes inside the park, assisted each time by nature guide and driver, both well versed with wild cats and their ecology.

We will have options to visit: the ancient Ranthambhore Fort located inside the park; Surval lake for bird watching and also for an evening walk along eastern/northern tiger-corridor of tigers. A tiny cottage has been created in the tiger corridor where we can experience truly non-hotel life, worth staying there to encounter nocturnal wildlife.

10 Day. Sawai Madhopur/New Delhi.
Transfer to station to board a/c train at 7 am.  Reach New Delhi by 1 pm. Transfer (10 min.) to the same hotel we used on arrival.  Let us visit the capital. Overnight.

11 Day. New Delhi/Flight.
Transfer (45 min) to airport in time to board flight back home. Farewell.

Note: Some unique flexibilities favour VIGT guests:  all departures to suit guests’ dates-duration, and even changes in the itinerary are effected while guests will be actually touring.

The ‘advance-deposit’ with VIGT is not ‘forfeited’ if the tour is cancelled by guests.