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Elephants:There are 86 Mammal species in Sri Lanka, 16 of them are endemic here. The majestic Elephant has the pride of place and sizeable population can be seen in Gal Oya, Uda Walawe, Yala National Park and other forest regimes. Yala is one of the best places to see a variety of mammals and large reptiles in a single day (prominently Leopard, Elephant and Sloth Bear). It is great excitement to photograph the pachyderm at water hole or grazing.


Leopard is the flag-ship attraction in Sri Lanka, especially in Yala National Park. It is quite certain to encounter one while staying here for couple of nights, wonderful opportunities to photograph it. Sloth Bear, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar,  Mouse Deer, Porcupine, Ant Eater, Civet Cat, Jackal, Mongoose, Loris, Giant Squirrel and Monkeys, including Macaque, are the prominent mammals here.